How to make every day a good hair day

Good Hair Day

We all know the feeling… our hair won’t behave and, pathetic as it seems, we can’t help feeling that it’s ruined the rest of the day.

But help is at hand.

Just follow our four tips and you’ll never have another bad hair day again. We promise!

Use protection

The easiest way to ensure that you have a good hair day is to use a heat protectant spray after you wash your hair, and before you use any styling tools like straighteners, curlers or hairdryers. Not only will this protect your hair from any heat damage, but it will also create the perfect base for you to create the perfect look.

Shiny happy hair

We all know that shiny hair equals healthy hair - just look at Meghan Markle! So if you want to make every day a Good Hair Day, simply invest in a good hair mask and make it a regular ritual to deeply condition your locks.

Add volume

Gentle backcombing (think a little tussle rather than full on 80s style) can help your hair look full of life. To do this, start at the roots and tease the hair over your brush and then give it a blast with your favourite hairspray.

Fake it

Even when you’re having an off day you can still bring it back with some handy handbag essentials like dry shampoo and hair serum.

Best hair products for shiny healthy hair

January is all about self care and looking after ourselves again after a month of mainlining wine, cheese, chocolate and Christmas dinners.

And what better (and easier) way than to start from the top. We’ve come up with some of the best products out there to give your hair a healthy shine boost. Let us know which ones are your favourites!

3 celebrity haircare secrets every woman needs to know

Ever wondered how celebrities get such shiny, healthy looking hair in spite of all the potential damage of over-styling and dying it?

Well, for one having a professional stylist on the payroll helps, but there are lots of DIY ways you can get your own locks red carpet ready without breaking the bank.

Here are our top three celebrity hair care secrets you can try at home today:

Take your vitamins

Good nutrition is essential for strong, luscious locks. Katy Perry, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston (pictured) all swear by feeding their hair from the inside out. They know that biotin, also known as B7, which is found in milk and nuts, are the key to healthy hair. This is because it plays an important role in the synthesis of proteins. So it helps to strengthen follicles (and nails!), reduces thinning hair and improves texture. It also has the added benefit of adding moisture to skin. Hello baby face!

Always use protection

Frequent styling and product use can take its toll on your hair leading to dry, brittle strands and breakages. So how do celebs like Cara Delevingne (pictured) get away with changing their style so much and still have great looking hair? By using a protective oil or serum when blow-drying or heat styling, that's how. This helps protect hair from damage and also keeps colour looking more vivid for longer. And the good news? You don’t need a celebrity salary to afford something effective. Actress Emma Watson is a big fan of argan oil and coconut oil to combat dry ends, while Elizabeth Hurley likes to sleep with a blend of conditioner and olive oil in her hair for maximum moisture. Victoria Beckham makes sure she always wears a sun hat during the summer to protect her hair.

Take extra care with long or curly hair

Long and curly hair like Leona Lewis's (pictured) looks great, but it also requires more maintenance. To avoid tangles in the morning, sleep with your hair separated into one or two plaits. Sleep on a silk pillowcase or use a scarf tied around your head to protect the fine hairs around your hairline and prevent further damage. When you wake, mist your hair and gently brush it out. Start at the ends with a paddle brush with soft bristles and comb through the roots. If you have naturally curly hair, condition regularly and, after washing, twist each curl using your fingers to give definition without using heat.