HAIR FILE: Victoria Beckham

She’s been in the one of the biggest girl bands in the UK and is now a renowned fashion designer, but when we’re not gawping at her outfits, we can’t wait to see what Victoria Beckham aka Posh Spice does next with her hair. From the “Pob” (the posh bob) and the Cheryl Cole-esque extensions to the shaggy beach waves and her signature up do, here we take a look back at some of her best hairstyles. Which one is your favourite?

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According to research, the average woman will spend a whopping £235,000 on her face in a lifetime in the quest to look and feel younger.

That works out at about £8 a day - and a minimum of 16 products - on make-up and skincare alone!!

But what about our hair? Doesn’t our barnet deserve a little love?!

A little investment can go a long way when it comes to haircare.

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January is all about self care and looking after ourselves again after a month of mainlining wine, cheese, chocolate and Christmas dinners.

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How to get hair like Holly Willoughby

Holly Willoughby

We don’t know about you, but we’re OBSESSED with I’m a Celebrity presenter Holly Willoughby’s amazing hair and style. Since joining Dec on the hit ITV jungle reality show, we’ve been tuning in every day just to see what Holly will wear next!

And now you can copy her beachy waves, with our five-step tutorial. And if you also want to replicate her style, her stunning red Rixo dress (pictured, below) is available for sale right now at the lovely designer boutique Vanilla opposite our salon.

Elbows at the ready, ladies!!

The amazing red Rixo dress available now at Vanilla in South Parade opposite our salon. Christmas present to yourself, anyone?!

The amazing red Rixo dress available now at Vanilla in South Parade opposite our salon. Christmas present to yourself, anyone?!


Wash your hair and while it’s still damp, spritz with a heat protector product like TRESemme protect heat defence styling spray. Apply a volumizing mousse like Bumble and Bumble thickening full form mousse to create hold and volume.


Dry the hair with a paddle brush, brushing the hair in different directions. Once the hair is 70 per cent dry, section the hair into four with your preferred parting.


Take a medium sized ceramic brush and starting at the nape, blow dry sections of hair no bigger than your brush. Focus on creating root lift and volume at the roots, yet a smooth and straight finish through the mid-lengths and ends.


When you’ve finished blow drying, take a vertical section starting at the hairline from the parting to the front of the ear. In a two inch section, curl the hair rotating the irons in a half rotation, curling away from the face. Continue taking vertical sections working your way towards the centre of the nape area. Begin on the opposite side of the head and repeat the process, curling away from the face.


To finish the look, use your paddle brush to brush out the curls and mess them up a bit with your fingertips. Finally set the style with a fine hold mist hairspray such as L’Oreal Ellnett extra strength hairspray.

Picture credit: Holly Willoughby Instagram