FESTIVAL FEVER: How to create the Coachella wave

We can't get enough of all the celebrity looks at Coachella this year. But you don't need a ticket to the Californian desert to get that festival look. You can do it right here from your own home thanks to this easy GHD tutorial with The Saturdays singer Mollie King.


1. Blow dry hair with the ghd ceramic radial brush and ghd air® wanderlust hairdryer creating volume at the roots and smoothing the ends.

2. Create a low side parting on the right hand side using the ghd tail comb.

3. To add volume and lift the fringe area, blow dry the fringe forward and then pin curl in back in the opposite direction for added height. Leave to set while working on the rest of the hair.

4. Starting at the nape of the neck, take medium sections of hair and use the ghd platinum® tropic sky styler to create polished waves in the hair. Place the styler vertically into the root and twist the styler 360 degrees as you push it through to the ends. Repeat all over the hair, curling in one direction.

5. Allow the hair to cool and set, then use a ghd detangling comb to gently loosen and brush the curls downwards.

6. Using the ghd oval dressing brush, smooth the hair on the right hand side back behind the ear.

7. To finish the look, place three rose gold clips just above the right ear and finish with a spritz of ghd final shine spray for a polished finish.

We use GHD products at Pankhurst and Deane and can recreate this look for you in the salon if you want.