Three easy spring haircare tips you need to try TODAY

Spring is finally here, which means the weather is (hopefully!) sunnier, the flowers are in full bloom and it's a great time to think about changing your haircare routine. Here are our top three tips for looking after your hair this season.

Trim hair

1. Have a trim

Winter really takes its toll on your hair, with the cold air and indoor heating playing havoc with your locks by drying it out. A quick trim is all you need to get rid of dry and damaged ends and help your hair regain its shine and health. Book your next appointment by calling us today on 01865 553725 or fill in our booking form here.





2. Lighten your hair

In spring, not only the days should be lighter, but it's nice to give your hair a lift, too. If you're not ready to completely overhaul your look with a brand new colour, then we recommend trying our new L'oreal Instant Highlights to change your hairstyle without doing anything too drastic. Not only do they take half the time of normal highlights, they have a really natural finish for that all-important sun kissed look.




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3. Let your hair dry naturally

It's madness to go out with wet hair in winter, but now the weather is warming up you can let your hair air dry a bit more. Taking a hairdryer break will also give your hair a chance to grow stronger and it avoids further damaging the strands. Remember to gently towel dry rather than rub your hair as the follicles are at their weakest when wet.